3 Mental Health Tips for Remote Employees

3 Mental Health Tips for Remote EmployeesWhen working remotely, the line between work and home can easily become blurred, which can negatively impact mental health. Workers may experience isolation, loneliness and difficulty getting away from work at the end of the day. Poor mental health can impact work performance and lead to chronic stress and lack of sleep. As such, prioritizing your mental health is essential to decreasing workplace stress and increasing your satisfaction at both work and home. Consider these 3 Mental Health Tips for Remote Employees.

Remote work has affected how connected employees feel to their colleagues. A OnePoll study revealed:

  • 7 in 10 remote workers feel more isolated than when they worked in the office.
  • 63% of remote workers feel less engaged with their teams.

Also, nearly one-quarter of remote workers never leave their homes during a typical workday, based on findings from Upright Pose.

1. Prioritize your physical health.

Walking for at least 30 minutes daily can help boost your mood and improve your physical and mental health. For example, consider stretching, practicing yoga or using an at-home bike. Further, eating healthy and getting enough quality sleep are also key to maintaining good health. When your body is properly fueled and rested, your mental health also benefits.

2. Maintain boundaries.

Having a designated work space and changing into work clothes when you start the day can help to further separate your work and home lives. Create a routine for your workday and stick to it to help transition in and out of work.

3. Connect with others.

Intentionally interacting with friends and family is important to ensure you are receiving adequate emotional support. Make time to connect with others throughout the week, whether in person or virtually.

Although you may not work in a physical workplace, remember that you’re not alone. If you have concerns about your mental health, follow up with your manager for mental health resources and services.

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